Last update on Saturday, January 12th 2019

The Angular 2 Maxi Best Of Tuts

It's time to party folks! Angular 2 Final Release has arrived!

angular-2-release For this occasion, I prepared for you the Angular 2 Maxi Best Of Tuts!

First, kickstart your Angular 2 journey here.

Once you have your environment ready, we can start coding together.

Transition from Angular 1.X to Angular 2:

Styling :

Testing :

Angular 2 is going to have breaking changes only every 6 months from now on. So the next one would be around February with Angular 3.
As you can see, you should have a look at the changelog here. The next time you'll need to check it again will be in 6 months. I hope that you will have fun discovering new concepts and solidifying your JavaScript skills.

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