Using Vue with Ionic 4 and Cordova Plugins

updated thumbnail Ionic Vue Cordova

Ionic 4 is coming this year! It either comes with no changes or big changes. This will depend of you. Ionic won’t depend on Angular anymore. Thanks to Stencil, we will be able to use React, Vue, Ember, whatever we want!

The Ionic Build Process Tutorial

thumbnail Ionic Build Process

When we start using Ionic, it’s all magic, we type three commands and the application is running on our mobile device. From there it all depends of what type of person you are. Either you don’t care how things work and enjoy the dirty high of quickly creating cool hybrid applications or you want to understand what’s going behind the […]

Introduction to AI for Ionic developers: Synaptic training

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As promised in the previous AI tutorial, we are going to use Synaptic this time. In the previous tutorial, we trained our AI to influence an Ionic application. However, we used the easiest way. Brain.js has many abstractions that help us, we are now going to use Synaptic and go deeper in the AI.

Coupling a Stencil TODO app with Redux

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In the previous tutorial, we used Stencil to create a TODO application. The state of the application was built upon a Parent-Children System. A Redux Store can be implemented to make our life easier and that’s our new goal today.

Creating a TODO application using Stencil

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Stencil arrived some months ago as the web revolution. Even for Ionic experts, the transition to this technology can seem quite complicated. At the moment and until Ionic 4 is out, Stencil’s full potential is not yet known. It’s fast and it works everywhere, that’s all we know. In this tutorial, we will use Stencil to create a TODO application.

Introduction to AI for Ionic developers

thumbnail Ionic artificial intelligence intro

Artificial Intelligence is here and will gradually replace some jobs. Thanks to the open-source community, there are great libraries that can kickstart our AI projects. This tutorial is an introduction to AI usage in Ionic applications.

Mixing Ionic, Dialogflow and Node.js in One Go

thumbnail ionic artificial intelligence API fulfillment

Last week we created an AI Chatbot by using Dialogflow (also known as API.AI) in an Ionic application. It was a fun tutorial and we have seen why people are afraid AIs will take their jobs. However, it wasn’t complete. The users could talk to an AI and receive some predefined information, but all of those weren’t real information. In […]

Creating an Ionic AI Chatbot with Dialogflow (or API.AI)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. I can’t spend one day without hearing about one new AI feature, they are even featured in my video games! No wonder Elon Musk is accelerating his Mars colonization project. Artificial Intelligence can be quite complicated, but new platforms are created to simplify it. The Dialogflow Company created a simple conversational platform. By using this type […]

Implementing Wikitude’s Instant Tracking in an Ionic application in one Go

thumbnail ionic augmented reality wikitude intro

If you are a beginner, you should have a look at the previous tutorials (here and there). So far, tracking wise we have seen how to display information by using: The user’s geolocation An image An object But, what if we just want to display an object without using any complex mechanism? Two words: Instant Tracking. In this tutorial we will use […]

Using Wikitude’s Object Tracking in an Ionic application

thumbnail ionic augmented reality wikitude intro

Augmented Reality (aka AR) is all about adding virtual objects to our world. The ultimate goal is to add those virtual objects on every real life object. Wikitude makes this process quite simple and we are going to implement it in an Ionic application.