Angular 1 to Angular 2 Services: The Basics

Hi everybody,
Third episode of the Angular 1 to Angular 2 course, today the component that will make your controllers as dry as the Sahara(more or less :D).

Check the last video if you want to be up to date: Angular 2 Directives : The basics


  1. Michael Michael
    April 15, 2016    

    Too bad it’s not an article but just a video..

    • Matthieu Drula Matthieu Drula
      April 17, 2016    

      The concept of the website is to show from start to finish how to make things work, I have seen so many articles where the code does not work and everybody is commenting trying to find a way to fix what that the author submitted :s. I would like to make a transcript but busy with work at the moment (un)fortunately.

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