Using FB Open Graph With Ionic (Browser Part)

Hi, in this tutorial I will show you how to integrate FB Open Graph in your Ionic app. This method will pass the Facebook Review 100% (unless you are trying to recreate Silk Road).

For all of you who are wondering if you can develop in your browser, the answer is YES! Here you go.

The project is on my github account: Here

If you just want to get a theme and the login working buy it here (I’m not the seller and never tried it to be honest :p) : There



  1. eulalia_troy eulalia_troy
    March 16, 2016    

    Excellent web site. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to
    a few friends and also sharing in delicious.

    And of course, thanks for your effort!

  2. Tracy Lauren Tracy Lauren
    May 2, 2016    

    Transcript would be good, also the link to the github account 404’s

  3. Matthieu Drula Matthieu Drula
    May 3, 2016    

    Thanks for the feedback, just fixed the link.
    The next serie will be text oriented, I will listen to the feedbacks and will see what’s next :).

  4. wendigox wendigox
    September 5, 2016    

    Hi and thanks for the tut. Do you have one that just show the news feed from a facebookpage in to cordova ionic app?

    Best regards

    • Matthieu Drula Matthieu Drula
      September 5, 2016    

      I haven’t used this for a while now.
      From the documentation:
      I replaced the post by a ‘get’.
      var body = 'Reading JS SDK documentation';
      FB.api('/me/feed', 'get', function(response) {
      if (!response || response.error) {
      alert('Error occured');
      } else {
      alert('Post ID: ' +;

      However I have seen that they require a token now.
      So the path would be ‘/me/feed?access_token=” + UserService.getAccessToken();’

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