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Angular 2 Template-Driven Forms in One Go

Angular 2 forms

After a long break, let’s get back into the flow with a simple tuts. No server-rendering-worker-asynchronous-resolution-injection here, just something that everybody use: forms! Today we take a look at how template-driven forms work in Angular 2. A 5-minutes read to slowly get back in form.

Getting Started With the New Angular 2 Router


Navigation has changed a lot during Angular 2’s development. Finally this important piece has become final! Today I’ll show you how to master routing into your Angular 2 apps. We will create our first routes, protect them, handle an event when the user leaves and create some children routes.

Analysing the Angular 2 Universal Starter Kit


Hi folks, Today we are going to dive into the Angular 2 Universal Starter Kit. If you have never heard about it it’s ok, your boss is not going to fire you tomorrow because of that (not yet). There are other Angular 2 Universal seed projects in the wild but this one is complete and very simple to start with, […]

How to Create a Native App Combining Angular 2 and React ...


Hi folks, With the launch of the Angular 2 Final Release, the war between using Angular 2 or React is firing up again. But what if instead of shooting each other we could use the advantages from both worlds? I’ll show you how you can have access to Native Components through React Native and use the Angular 2 directives that we […]

E2E Testing In Angular 2 From Zero To Hero (Final Part)

e2e testing protractor

Dear future Masters of Angular 2 E2E Testing. This is it. At the end of this lesson you will finally have every tools to create functional tests for your Angular 2 applications. No more excuses: You’ve got the power! We will first get familiar with Locators then we will see how awesome Page Objects can be, followed by how to handle asynchronousness and […]

How To Upload Files to Amazon S3 with Angular 2 and WebPa...


Since a lot of you were interested in my “How to upload files to Amazon S3 with Angular 2 and WebPack” post, I thought that a video would be helpful too. This video is short and doesn’t cover the security nor the cross-domain configuration. Here you go!

E2E Testing In Angular 2 From Zero To Hero (part 1)

e2e testing protractor

Learning how to test your Angular 2 or JavaScript applications is essential to become a great developer. This skill can dramatically boost or decrease your productivity (hence your happiness and salary).

Using 3rd Party CSS With WebPack and Angular 2 ft Animate...

animate css angular 2 webpack

Sometimes learning something can be complicated moreover when we need to handle many things at the same time. So if your boss tells you that you need to add some CSS from a third-party library into your Angular 2 components AND handle the WebPack configuration, you can feel like overwhelmed

ng2-drag-drop-tree: Everything about CSS and ngClass

angular 2 drag drop tree

Hi folks! At the beginning I wanted to split adding default classes and configurable classes in two posts. Well **** it, let’s do both at the same time!

Angular 1 to Angular 2: Parent-Child Communication using ...

rsz_1thumbnail_angular_2 (1)

Wondering what is the proper way to make your Parent-Child components communicate? Are you a fan of event propagation? This video is for YOU! I teach you here how to use the new Input-Output system from Angular 2 to solve these problems.