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Ionic 3 New Pages Lazy Loading

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Page Lazy Loading is awesome. I never start a tuts like this, but f*** yea! This new feature from Ionic 3 not only makes our code more concise but also avoid the hassle of typing every damn time the same paths in every Class! Lazy Loading allows us to access Pages wherever we want by only using a string. We are […]

Angular 2 Transclusion with ng-content in one go

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Transclusion was one of the coolest feature of Angular 1. Angular 2 made this (way) more simple and also changed its name to Projection. What we used to configure in our directives with some symbols and ngTransclude is now directly handled into the DOM. Before diving into it, let’s refresh our memory. Here is the most basic Projection example:   We pass some […]

E2E Testing In Angular 2 From Zero To Hero (part 1)

e2e testing protractor

Learning how to test your Angular 2 or JavaScript applications is essential to become a great developer. This skill can dramatically boost or decrease your productivity (hence your happiness and salary).

The Only Ionic Material Tuts You Will Need

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Basically Ionic Material provides better configurations for icons, CSS classes, new components and animations that are not natively available in the Ionic Framework. 

Using FB Open Graph With Ionic (Browser Part)


Hi, in this tutorial I will show you how to integrate FB Open Graph in your Ionic app. This method will pass the Facebook Review 100% (unless you are trying to recreate Silk Road).