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Using Vue with Ionic 4 and Ionic Native Plugins

updated thumbnail Ionic Vue Cordova

We used the Cordova CLI to create an Ionic Vue mobile application in the previous tutorial. This time we will use the Ionic CLI to bootstrap our application.


Using Vue with Ionic 4 and Cordova Plugins

updated thumbnail Ionic Vue Cordova

Ionic 4 is coming this year! It either comes with no changes or big changes. This will depend of you. Ionic won’t depend on Angular anymore. Thanks to Stencil, we will be able to use React, Vue, Ember, whatever we want!


Testing Geolocation Apps Without Moving in Ionic

thumbnail ionic geolocation mock

Ionic Native Geolocation is great, however, when we need to test different use cases on a real device it becomes a bit complicated. In this tutorial we will create a special mock that will allow us to stay at home while easily spoofing to other places. Mock Selection Let’s get the party started: View the code on Gist. The classic […]


Mixing Local Notifications and Background Geolocation in ...

thumbnail ionic background notification geolocation

This tutorial focuses on showing the power of Ionic’s Background Mode. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I’m a Pokemon Go addict player and … this game like many other mobile applications lack some crucial background features forcing us to keep the application open and draining our battery to death.


Implementing Native Google Maps in an Ionic Application

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Google Maps is the king when it comes to Geolocation and Mapping. Many companies like Uber or Lyft are using Google’s technology to rapidly kickstart awesome applications. In this tutorial we will see how we can quickly create our own application with Ionic’s Google Maps Native plugin.