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Ionic 3 New Pages Lazy Loading

thumbnail ionic lazy loading

Page Lazy Loading is awesome. I never start a tuts like this, but f*** yea! This new feature from Ionic 3 not only makes our code more concise but also avoid the hassle of typing every damn time the same paths in every Class! Lazy Loading allows us to access Pages wherever we want by only using a string. We are […]

Angular 2 Transclusion with ng-content in one go

angular 2 projector thumbnail ng-content

Transclusion was one of the coolest feature of Angular 1. Angular 2 made this (way) more simple and also changed its name to Projection. What we used to configure in our directives with some symbols and ngTransclude is now directly handled into the DOM. Before diving into it, let’s refresh our memory. Here is the most basic Projection example:   We pass some […]

Introduction to Angular 2 Animations

angular 2 animation thumbnail.png

When it comes to Web Development, Animations can make or break your UX. Too much of them and your website looks like a Vegas Casino. None and your website will be missing the little spark to make it stand out. Angular has made some great improvement in this domain since version 1.3 so let’s see what Angular 2 offers!

Introduction to Angular 2 Observables

Observable Intro

Hi folks, As promised in the form tuts, today we talk about Observables! This part is very important for Angular 2 and also the future of JavaScript in general. Observables are elements that will give us information. In order to get access to those information, we need to subscribe to them (a bit like Netflix, but free and without the movies […]

Angular 2 Reactive Forms in One Go

Angular 2 forms

Another sweet and short tuts today! Following the article on the Template-Driven Forms here, we switch to Reactive Forms also called Model-Driven Forms. We will skip the User Model this time and just focus on the form itself.

Angular 2 Template-Driven Forms in One Go

Angular 2 forms

After a long break, let’s get back into the flow with a simple tuts. No server-rendering-worker-asynchronous-resolution-injection here, just something that everybody use: forms! Today we take a look at how template-driven forms work in Angular 2. A 5-minutes read to slowly get back in form.

Getting Started With the New Angular 2 Router


Navigation has changed a lot during Angular 2’s development. Finally this important piece has become final! Today I’ll show you how to master routing into your Angular 2 apps. We will create our first routes, protect them, handle an event when the user leaves and create some children routes.

How To Create Node.js Background Tasks Using Kue Workers

Node.js kue worker

Hi Folks, If you have read the previous article on web workers, you know that they are awesome. However if the user refreshes the page, your jobs are gone … In order to compensate this weakness, I’ll show you how to quickly add a Server Side Worker Mechanism using Kue.js!

ES6 Features That Can’t Be Ignored (final part)


Hi folks, Second and last part of the ES6 tuts. Here we will have a look at the Generators, the new Promise object, how to destructure to realise fancy assignments, how the anonymous functions evolved and finally a sneak peek into the Symbols. Let’s get our hands dirty!

The Angular 2 Maxi Best Of Tuts

angular 2 launch

It’s time to party folks! Angular 2 Final Release has arrived! For this occasion, I prepared for you the Angular 2 Maxi Best Of Tuts! First, kickstart your Angular 2 journey here. Once you have your environment ready, we can start coding together. Transition from Angular 1.X to Angular 2: Angular 1 to Angular 2 Controllers: The Basics  Angular 1 to […]